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Narva road 38, Tallinn EE10152, Estonia

+372 642 4864;  +372 50 65 093

Skype:  ahlbeco


...How us to find?...

We are opposite to an old building of the Tallinn University (former Pedagogical Institute) in big buildings covered by light dolomitic plates.

At the house a stop of a tram nr. 1 and 3.  Our cabinets on the second floor. On a door it is written VOLBEKO. At the house it is some entrances that will not lose the way look the plan and a photo of entrance.

As a rule, the entrance has an opportunity  a parking of car.


Volbeko Consult     Narva mnt 38, Tallinn Estonia I

Tel +372 642 48 64 I +372 50 65 093 I skype:  ahlbeco