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........Establishment  new enterprises........

For establishment  new Company it is necessary to present us (it is possible to send also e-mail or a skype) following data:
Variants the business names of new company;
Surnames, names of shareholders, personal codes, numbers ID-card or passports (copies are desirable), a place of their residence, an e-mail address and face-values share capital. If the shareholder has no personal code in Estonia - to inform date of a birth, at presence the passport of other state  to specify a kind of the passport. Registration number and the name is necessary for the founder – the legal person. In addition the decision of the legal person on participation in establishment is required;
Powers of attorney, depending on the country of their delivery, can require legalization.

Forms of a payment for share capital, the order of monetary payments. Size of the share capital.
Data of ID-cards and passports (a personal code and number of the document) members of board, their residence and e-mail addresses.
The representation rights members of board according to the law.
The legal address of share company and e-mail address.
The beginning and the end of business year.
Surnames, names, personal codes, numbers of passports, addresses of members of council, at availability of the auditor, a name, a surname, number

Surnames, names, personal codes, numbers of passports, addresses members of council, at presence the auditor, a name, a surname,   the auditor certificate number.
Persons for contact, their contact data.



We make out Company in some hours

When Company plan to found a monetary payment of the share capital, it is possible to make it digitally. For this purpose it is necessary to have the ID-card. If activity is well prepared, then data presentation, payment of the state duty and the share capital will occur through a portal of the commercial register for 20-30 minutes. The register will issue registration of firm within 24 hours. Practically often the register registers firm in some hours.


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