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.....Sale of Companies.....

The deal of sale and purchase is carried out notarially and accompanied by concept of the application for entering in business-register on the basis of what new records Would be made in.
NB! The notary makes the certificate of persons of the buyer and a new member of board only on the basis of the operating passport or an ID-card, other documents are unacceptable. At itself it is necessary to have that document which data are presented to us.


All firms sold by us earlier did not participate in economic activities, have no debts or other obligations to the third parties. On this account are stipulated corresponding  in the contract of sale and purchase that guarantees to the buyer protection against unpleasant unexpectedness.


The buyer should present us following data:

1. If it is planned – to present change of the name of got firm variants of the name.
2. Surnames, names of new shareholders, a personal code, number of the ID-card or the passport (copies are desirable), places of their residence, the electronic address and face-values паёв. If the shareholder has no personal code in Estonia - to inform date of a birth, at presence of the passport of other state to specify a kind of the passport. For the buyer – legal persons registration number and the name of Company. In addition is required the decision of the legal person on participation in purchase.

3. Power (if are available), depending on the country of their delivery, can require legalization.

4. Passport data the given members of board, their residence and contact data.
5. New legal address of  Company and E-mail address.
6. Contact persons, their contact data . List of Companies which on sale‚ You can see it in   the table. 



We make out Company in some hours

When Company plan to found a monetary payment of the share capital, it is possible to make it digitally. For this purpose it is necessary to have the ID-card. If activity is well prepared, then data presentation, payment of the state duty and the share capital will occur through a portal of the commercial register for 20-30 minutes. The register will issue registration of firm within 24 hours. Practically often the register registers firm in some hours.


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